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Interposer board for Up/Down converter ADXUD

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADXUD1AEBZ X/C up/Down converter

Hello, my query is related to the X-Band phased array toolkit, UP/down converter  (adxud1aebz) board. in the phased array tool box kit the X/C band Up/Down converter is attached to FPGA board with HPC port. in the diagram of the toolkit it is shown that the board is attached to the FMC port with FPGA. it is assumed there are some control signal that are on the back of the UP/Down converter board that needs digital control. Can you please identify the Interposer board that is being utilized in the kit.  or another board which is suggest by analog device. Also, Can any header pin to header pin Board be connected to make connection between FPGA and ADXUD1AEBZ.