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ADXUD1AEBZ - Full datasheet request

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADXUD1AEBZ

Dear ADI,

We're going to purchase Full X Band Phase Array solution from ADI

- ADC/DAC AD9081 KIT (confirmed)

- ADAR1000 KIT  (confirmed)

- ADXUD1AEBZ (PENDING) - Because, we can't find the full datasheet of this product.

We just can find a simple of datasheet version on the ADI website. And it does not enough to calculate our system parameters.

Also no information such as TX/RX specifications, operating condition, TRX switching control, power supply, maximum rating, mechanical dimension...

Please help to check and provide us FULL datasheet of ADXUD1AEBZ

Thanks & Best Regards!

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