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ADXUD1AEBZ - Full datasheet request

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADXUD1AEBZ

Dear ADI,

We're going to purchase Full X Band Phase Array solution from ADI

- ADC/DAC AD9081 KIT (confirmed)

- ADAR1000 KIT  (confirmed)

- ADXUD1AEBZ (PENDING) - Because, we can't find the full datasheet of this product.

We just can find a simple of datasheet version on the ADI website. And it does not enough to calculate our system parameters.

Also no information such as TX/RX specifications, operating condition, TRX switching control, power supply, maximum rating, mechanical dimension...

Please help to check and provide us FULL datasheet of ADXUD1AEBZ

Thanks & Best Regards!

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  • Hello dangdh12, 

    There is no official full datasheet for this board. The relevant information contained within a datasheet for the ADXUD1AEBZ is in the form of a wiki page. Measured data can be found on the data wiki page. I added additional data tables to the data wiki page for more detail. Power supply, digital control, board block diagram, and board schematic can all be found on the main wiki page.

    Mechanical dimensions of the PCB is 4.194 inches x 2.717 inches.

    This board design is a reference design meant for lab evaluations and proof of concept, therefore, all evaluations have been conducted at ambient temperatures. 


  • Thank for your sharing,

    Moreover, IF Frequency is 4.5 GHz. What is the bandwidth here?

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