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Stingray Board SMPM Connectors & Antenna Polarization

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADAR1000EVAL1Z


The connector used on the Sting ray board is SMPM Male connector. what is the type of connector used -smooth bore or full detent.

Also the SMPM connector used on the antenna in the webinar is smooth bore or full detent.

Why the antenna is 45 degree linear polarized. Is there any advantage we get with it.

What is the minimum EIRP we are getting in the demonstration.

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  • Akladha, 

    The SMPM connector manufacturer and part number can be found on the Bill of Materials (BOM) provided on the wiki page. Both Stingray and Antenna tiles use the same part and are smooth bore SMPM connectors. 

    The antenna designer is no longer at the company, so I am not able to verify the design decision for the 45 degree polarization. My initial thought is that 45 degree polarization was selected to reduce cross-coupling between elements. 

    EIRP has yet to be characterized on our system.