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Stingray X/Ku Phased Array reference schematic questions

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADAR1000EVAL1Z


For preparing the new prj, I'm researching Sting Array Schematic and BOM (059522a revision).

Then I just found some parts in schematic file but it's not included in BOM.

Please help to share it in the detail. (what's component? How it work?...)

- Schematic page 12: Reguators Part

- Schematic page 13: Positive/Negative Part

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  • Hello, 

    The DC regulator components are indeed on the BOM and the schematic. The schematic details the circuitry for all the DC rails, which are derived from an external +12 VDC supply via the P1/P2 connector. Links to the parts can be found on the wiki page.

    BOM Item # Part # Description Schematic Sheet
    89 ADP5074 +12V to -6.0V DC-DC Inverting Regulator 15
    90 LT8642 +12V to +3.3V Step Down Switcher 16
    91 LT8652 +12V to +5.0V Step Down Switcher 16
    92 LT3093 -6.0V to -3.3V Negative Linear Regulator 17
    93 LT3094 -6.0V to -3.3V Negative Linear Regulator 17
    108 LT8606 +3.3V Step Down Regulator 15
    109 ADP150 +1.8V Linear Regulator 15


  • Hi,

    I got your point. Thanks for your explanation.

    Moreover, how DC rail can be showed on PCB layout?

    Thks & BRs,

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  • PCB layout files for this board are only provided upon purchase of the hardware. The board stack-up is an 8 layer board using Rogers RO4003C for the outer layers and Isola 370HR for the inner layers. Recommended PCB layout for each component can be found on the respective datasheet. 

    If you are interested in purchasing the ADAR1000EVAL1Z (Stingray) board, please reach out to your local Sales Contact