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Error Ethernet connecting to vcu118

Error Ethernet connecting to vcu118

We used vcu118, ADQUADMXFE1EBZ Quad-MxFE, vivado 2019.1, but we confused a problem connecting iio oscilloscope through ethernet after download the board with “”.


We can enter the serial port to see the IP address of the board which was, and we configured the PC Ethernet port to



When we ping the board IP address, the connection fails.


Also the oscilloscope found nothing because the Ethernet lost. We connect the board to our PC by Ethernet directly without a router.


Can you help me how to solve the problem of the Ethernet failure. Thank you very much!



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  • Thanks Umesh! We'll figure it out from here.

  • Hi Huayuan,

    I have a couple of other questions as to what is going on here. First off, you appear to have a Rev B board.

    1. Is this correct? What serial number and lot number is on the white sticker on the PCB? It should look something like Sxx-xxxx SNxxxxx. 
    2. Are you attaching the 500MHz 0dBm clock source to the clock input SMA on the board (J41)?
    3. How is the Quad PCB connected to the VCU118? The EEPROM seems to indicate there is some Samtec loopback board in there
    4. Can you attach the full log of the boot of the platform? Copying what you see in Putty is fine
    5. As per our Wiki, we use USB to Ethernet dongles instead of hardwiring into the Ethernet jack on the computer. In the past we've had issues with the hardwired port. Can you try a USB to Ethernet dongle with the same settings?



  • Hi cfrick,

    Thanks for your reply! 

    1, We  bought the ADQUADMXFE1EBAZ board of Rev.C, and the serial number on PCB will send you later.

    2,We don't attach the quad pcb to vcu118 and of course not a 500MHz 0dBm clock source  to the J41. Dose the ethernet connecttion need the clock source from quad mxfe J41, or maybe it is the mistake by lost of a clock source?  If correct, how is the 500Mhz clock used by the ethernet?

    5, We use USB to Ethernet dongles with the same settings but the error is same.

  • 1. Interesting that you have a ADQUADMXFE1EBZ, but it's reading it as a Rev B board. Something is not right in the EEPROM then. That could be part of the issue

    2. I'm a bit confused by your description here. You must have the board configured as in the diagram here: The 500MHz source has to be connected to the Quad MxFE board and both USB micro cables and the Ethernet cable must be connected to the VCU118. Without a clock source, none of the PLLs initialize and JESD issues occur and generally the board doesn't work correctly. The 500MHz also sources all of the reference clocks in the FPGA and the Linux system will not initialize properly without these clocks being present. Are you connecting the 500MHz signal?

  • Hi cfrick,

    1, We  attached the full log  of the boot of the platform with PuTTY, DOCXwhich is show in the *docx.

    2, We didn't  configure the board as your picture show, and not connecting the 500MHz signal.

  • Thanks for the log. 
    It appears you are having issues with the SPI to each of the AD9081s. These lines show this:

    ad9081 spi0.0: 8bit r/w test failed. Write 5a but readback is ff.

    ad9081 spi0.0: reset/init failed (-50)

    ad9081 spi0.1: 8bit r/w test failed. Write 5a but readback is ff.

    ad9081 spi0.1: reset/init failed (-50)

    ad9081 spi0.2: 8bit r/w test failed. Write 5a but readback is ff.

    ad9081 spi0.2: reset/init failed (-50)

    ad9081 spi0.3: 8bit r/w test failed. Write 5a but readback is ff.

    ad9081 spi0.3: reset/init failed (-50)

    Can you check if the VADJ voltage is being enabled? There is an LED on the VCU118 labelled DS19 which should be lit after the Quad MxFE board is attached and the VCU118 is powered on (VADJ on page 75 of the VCU118 Rev 2.0 schematic). Is this LED on? If not then we likely have an EEPROM issue which is preventing the VADJ from being enabled.

    2. As mentioned previously, the 500MHz must be connected for the system to work.

  • Hi cfrick,

    Thanks for your helpful reply! 

    1,We have checked the LED labelled DS19 on vcu118 board, and found it is lit after the vcu118 powered on.  It indicates  the VADJ had been enabled.

    2, We will connect the 500MHz to  J41 of MxFE and show the result for you in the next work. 

  • Hi there! Did you solve the issue? Thanks!