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Regarding the problem of EVAL-AD4630-24 not being recognized

Category: Hardware
Product Number: EVAL-AD4630-24
Software Version: ACE1.29.3286.1447

Hello, I am looking to create an ADC using the EVAL-AD4630-24 and zedboard!

I want to create and run the software in python as described in the developer's guide (, but when I type [iio_ info -s] into the windows 11 command prompt, but EVAL-AD4630-24 does not appear in the list as shown in the image.

Below is a description of what I have done.

  1. install ACE
  2. open the Plug-in Manager in ACE and install the plug-in
  3. update the plug-in
  4. confirm that EVAL-AD4630-24 is recognized in ACE software
  5. change ADC settings in [APPLY OPERATING SETTINGS] and still get an error
  6. close the ACE software
  7. install Python and type [pip install pyadi-io] at the command prompt to install PyADI-IIO library.
  8. type [iio_info -s] at the command prompt screen, but EVAL-AD4630-24 does not appear (see image)



Confirmed that there is no update.

Reinstalled IIOplugin from ACE.

Rebooted the computer.

Verified that the board is listed as a serial port in the device manager.

∙ Connected to the OTG port.



Is there any solution?

I would like to know if there is anything I can try.