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Generate FM Signal using Vector Generator

Category: Software
Software Version: 1.28.3258.1431

I have a customer that is asking if it is possible to create a frequency-modulated sinusoid using the ACE Vector Generator. Can this be done?



  • Hi Ben,

     Just copying previous support response here to close the loop on this question here as well -

    The Vector Generator is currently set up to provide a frequency modulated signal as a standard option. You could consider generating the vector you want to use and export it to a .txt file (e.g. with Python). You could theoretically use the Python instance that ships with ACE even to generate this but they may need to add additional libraries etc.

    In ACE once you have the vector saved in the correct format in a .txt file you can use the "File" vector types to supply the waveform values to the tool. You can even preview them there to make sure they are appearing as expected. The format required for the vector generator is that the text file contain only the amplitude (i.e. y-values) for the plot, not (x, y) coordinates.