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Recovery of a SDP-H1 using ACE Software.

Category: Hardware

Hello ACE Software

I have a bricked SDP-H1,see SDP forum thread below

 RE: EVAL-SDP-CH1Z, potentially bricked. 

whilst in the process of trying to unbrick it, I stumbled across ACE and notice that the SDP-K1 has a recovery option.

Why are there no recovery options for other SDP's such as the H1 etc?



  • Hi Danny,

    The SDPK1 controller board is mbed enabled, the "recovery" tool is a simple way for users in ACE to reload the standard evaluation application supported firmware to the board if a user has flashed their own custom firmware to board so that ACE no longer recognizes it.

    ACE is capable of and will always attempt to update the firmware for the SDP-H1 if it is needed. It is aware of the latest firmware versions for the other SDP hardware but because they have a standardized way to flash/program firmware in ACE, it is not a requirement to have a dedicated recovery tool, they will always be recognized as the SDP-H1 controller.

    How severely bricked is the board, is your board still appearing and being recognized as an SDP-H1 in device manager?