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AD4134 with SDP-H1 SPI Communication Failure

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD4134

I recently purchased the AD4134 and SDP-H1 and am trying to communicate using the ACE software. I can attach the hardware fine, but when I click on "Memory Map" I'm confronted with a dialog that says "SPI Communication Failure". Clicking OK on the dialog presents me with the Memory Map but every time I attempt to do a "Reset Chip" function, the same error message pops up.

I've scoped the SCLK, SDO, and CSB ports (TP86, TP64, TP80) while selecting "Memory Map" in ACE, and they appear to behave normally, but SDI (TP59) never toggles with a stream of bits.

I've reset the SDP-H1 several times using the onboard RESET switch but the problem remains unresolved. Please advise, thank you.