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What is the .bin data format if I use "AsyncRawCaptureToFile"?

Category: Software
Product Number: ADS8-V3EBZ and EVAL-AD9083
Software Version: ACE ACE 1.25.3217

I am using the "AsyncRawCaptureToFile" command to capture large data sets fast. They are saved as .bin file. Now what is the data format the bin file is using?

  • Hi  , The format can vary, it's intended to be the raw data received from the FPGA.

    Typically this will be 16-bit little endian interleaved Channel Complex or Real data. e.g.
    Index0 CH0 I LSB
    Index1 CH0 I MSB
    Index2 CH0 Q LSB 
    Index3 CH0 Q MSB  
    Index4 CH1 I LSB  

    It varies from product to product and depends on the Capture settings, resolution, etc