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Can I reduce data capture of ADC to just one channel?

Category: Software
Product Number: EVAL-AD9083
Software Version: ACE

We are using the ADS8-V3EBZ together with the EVAL-AD9083 to acquire large data sets. Is it possible to just save the data of one ADC channel to the .bin ore .csv file with "AsyncRawCaptureToFile" or "PullAllCaptureDataToFile"?

  • Hi,

    The AsyncRawCaptureToFile and PullAllCaptureDataToFile work with the current data in the DataStore in your analysis node. So firstly, does the plug-in allow you to specify which channels are enabled in the GUI in some way?

    If you turn off the channels being captured in the plug-in then these transactions should only capture/pull the data from those channels it finds in the current channel sequence. if you are not seeing this behaviour but the plug-in is configured as such it may be an issue in the plug-in or default channel sequence potentially.

  • Hi

    I can choose between 8 and 16 channel in the GUI. Probably channel wise is not possible since JESD204  just capture the 8 or 16 of them. I will try to configure the memory map directly if possible.