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the setting of companion chip on EVB from ACE

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I can configure the main device on the EVB by setting the register using "Memory Map" function.
But I can not find on ACE the interface to set the register of the companion chip on EVB, for example, clock device.
Does ACE have a function to set the register directly of the companion chips on EVB?

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    The original post is likely more suitable for this question to get specific product support. There are some options you can follow up with though depending on the product in use.

    If there are other chips available on the board and the plug-in creator has made them accessible they can be found using the Breadcrumbs or System Explorer controls in ACE. Some chips are not navigable in the diagram but could potentially still be navigable in the overall system.


    System Explorer (this tool view can be enabled from the Tools menu in the main sidebar menu in ACE):

    It's not guaranteed to be configurable but you can try it out and see if the registers are exposed. In some cases these chips can just be representative of the board hardware but not configurable.