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Controllers (carrier boards) for ADC/DAC Eval boards supported by ACE software

Is there a list of supported Controllers (Carrier boards for the AD evaluation boards) available ? It is my understanding the ACE software works by connecting the Controller to the PC (with ACE software) via USB. I have seen examples with ADS7-V2EBZ as the controller.
Is the same possible with other controllers ? for instance ZCU102 or ZC706.
If yes, what is the process to build the software image for these carrier boards so that is is detected by the ACE software ?
Does ACE only work through USB ? or is there a version which works through ethernet ?

  • Hi,

    It depends on the product, there are some products that support ethernet connections / other controllers etc. but the information on how they interact with ACE through the ACE plug-in should be available in the user guides. The list of compatible controllers for a given plug-in / product is available in the start view of the ACE software.

    For more specific situations / custom interactions, you would be best using a more product specific forum to dive deeper on current availability / functionality.