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Programming AD9081 filter via ACE GUI

Hi, I originally posted this the high speed converter forum but did not get a response so am reposting here:


Could I have a bit more info on how to configure the programmable filter for the AD9081 via the ACE software/plugin (using AD9081 eval board + ADS9 setup).

I can successfully load a 192-tap filter and receiver one channel as described in the wiki, "EVALUATING THE AD9082 / AD9081 / AD9986 / AD9988 Mixed-Signal Front-End (MxFE) RF Transceiver". However for our project, we need to receive all ADC channels simultaneously (in full BW mode, no DDC) while applying a low pass filter to each. 

Reading through UG-1578, I think it should be possible to apply a 96-tap filter to each channel independently (table 107, "96-Tap Real Filter Mode: Four 96-tap real filters, one for each ADC."). However it is unclear to me how to do this in ACE.

Specifically, which options should I select for the "Control Page", "Coefficient page", "Coefficient mode select" options? And could you explain exactly what these options mean?