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AD6688: ADS7-V2EBZ does not supply DC power to AD6688-3000EBZ


I wish to confirm the version of AD6688 ACE plug-in.
I'm trying to evaluate AD6688-3000EBZ using ADS7-V2EBZ.
The ACE can find AD6688-3000EBZ but ADS7 does not supply  DC power(+12V) to AD6688-3000EBZ. When I connect AD9208-3000EBZ to ADS7, ADS7-V2EBZ supply +12V to AD9208-3000EBZ and I can operate it.
I'm using ACE 1.23.3085.1388(x64)

The version of ACE plug-in for AD6688 is "0.1.0" and there is no update. For AD9208, the plug-in version is "1.2019.46400", there are big differences between these version numbers. So I guess that the 0.1.0 plug-in may be old and it has some defects.

Question: Is the "0.1.0" newest version?

If the "0.1.0" is the newest, Could you please advise which point should check?

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I added ACE version.
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