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API Logger

I have an issue with the platform API Logger when I use the latest ACE software.  I could not find any document from ADI website to discuss about this issue.  Can someone help me?

  • Can you give more details of the specific issue you are encountering?

    If there is a specific error, it might be best to use the built-in Report Issue feature. This will create an email to the ACE Support Portal where you can then explain the issue encountered and by default it will include the AppTrace with relevant session stack information.

    That can be use that as a starting point and fill in relevant information here afterwards.

  • I captured a couples screenshot for you to review.  From the video training after launching the ACE and click on settings (a new window pop up) and then click "scripting", it must be a valid python path using "Ironpython" but my setup does not show anything.  I understand that if ACE tool setup correctly then ACE will generate the API logger output from AD9081 and then I will use this API to compare all registers.  Attached are a screenshot.

  • Can you confirm what version of ACE you have installed?

    These should be populated and Python should be installed along with the ACE installation (although it may have already detected Python on your machine). If you have Python installed you can workaround this issue by pointing the scripting interface to Python manually using the Browse button in the window shown in your screenshot.

    Can you add this path here and see if you are able to continue?

  • I updated the ACE with the latest version "ACE 1.22.3063.1372". Also, my PC already installed the python 2.7 and 3.8 for my test program.

    I do not know what the scripting interface file to select.  Do you know what file and where the file located on ACE folder?

    Please help me to point to the scripting file.



  • It's actually looking for the path to the "Script Engine" i.e. which Python exe to use for each of the selectable scripting languages. You can technically point to any install location you have for the python.exe, but if you want to you can use the version installed with ACE e.g. for the Python38 version that installs with the ACE installer use - C:\Program Files (x86)\Analog Devices\ACE\python\python38\python.exe

    But as I said, you can use the path to whichever Python you have installed.

    Note: There is a known issue in place for the blank script engine item in the Settings view. This should be addressed in a future update.

  • ACE Crash when I point to the python.exe 

    Please take a look!

  • You should click yes and submit the crash report to the ACE Support Team. I can't see what the path you used is but I assume that it corresponds to your IronPython path not Python 3/2?

  • Hi, the Platform API Logger does not currently support the AD9081.

    Of course you can use it to open generic/general Python Scripts and execute them.

  • Hi Ciaran,

    So, the Platform API logger does not support the AD9081 indefinitely, right? Or Do you have any time frame when ACE tool incorporate this feature back? 

    We are heavy ADI customer and we need this feature as soon as possible.  



  • Hi Huy,

    I think you'll have to bring that up on the product specific forums.

    The AD9081 ACE plugin can be used to generate a log of register interactions I believe.