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Check State Error when Opening a Plug-in

I received the following error when I opened a plug-in in ACE: CheckState Failed, State = Unavailable. 

What does it mean?

  • If you see this error it generally means that hardware is not attached physically. This commonly happens with "Virtual Mode", if you are working without hardware intentionally, you may ignore the error.

    If hardware is attached it may not be running the correct firmware, or more rarely you may not have drivers installed.

    For SDP-K1 you can try the recovery tool which will detect it and allow you to load standard firmware.

    For Ethernet based devices it may be that your firewall is blocking the connection, you have entered the IP Address wrong or you have an IP Address conflict. Try pinging the device or following the user guide for the product on debugging steps.

    For Serial based devices like Linduino/Arduino you may have the wrong Comm Port selected. Check with the Arduino IDE which Comm Port is correct. Download the latest sketch for Linduino and reload the firmware. Remember to close the Arduino IDE and any open connections. Only one application can use a Comm Port at a time.

    For Driver issues, try downloading and re-installing SDPDrivers. You can also find the driver installer in the ACE install directory in "Program Files", or simply re-run the latest ACE installer.