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Category: Software
Product Number: A2B2427
Software Version: CCES2.11.1/SIGMA STUDIO4.5


My A2B bus includes 3 node,one 2428 as master,two 2427(microphone) as slave nodes.i2c command list generated by sigma studio 4.5.

A2B config function returns success,but no output on TX0 of 2428,please help!

attachment include dsp code and sigma project.A2B_mic.rar

  • The Stream configuration were not done. So data received from Sub1 and Sub0 nodes were not transported to the Main node, which is your requirement.

    Right Click on the Target Processor and go to Stream Config and create two independent Slots under Audio Stream Definition. Go to Audio Stream Assignment and Assign one slot from Sub1 to Main and Another one from Sub0 to Main.

    Depending on your Codec's TDM , you need to configure the same TDM in Main node as well to transfer the data effectively.

  • Hi,

    DSP's TDM is is configured as 32bits 16channels,while export sigma project as c file it works well,but it can bot work while export as I2C command list.what is the difference?

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  • this is not an expected issue. could you try by updating to SigmaStudio 4.6 or later revision and plugin version 19.4.X ?

  • Hi,

    I tried 19.4.4 plugin and sstudio 4.7,there is no output on master node either.if slave node change to ad2428,dsp can receive output it is strange,what is the different between ad2428 and ad2427?

  • 1. Initially the issue was with C file and XML file. Is that over ? Ideally there should not be any difference if you do that in the code.

    I hope you are using Command List Export by right clicking on the Target Processor and Clicking Export System Configuration Files. We have tried multiiple configuration in C and XML and none of them gave any issue.  

    Please clarify, If no output at TX0 of AD2428 or no output at the output of the Audio DSP ? 

    2. The last issue you had mentioned, after changing the node AD2427-> AD2428, is that in the sigma studio or did you change the nodes in the physical environment ?

    If physically changing the node gave you good results then the issue can be with the nodes you are using. May be you can try to swap Subnode0 and Subnode1 and have a try, If subnode0 is the failure one , then it can help to troubleshoot the issue.

    what is the different between ad2428 and ad2427

    The difference between the AD2427 and AD2428 is AD2427 just support subnode capable device only and support PDM and no TDM/I2S support. But AD2428 support TDM/PCM/I2S and can be configured as either main node or subnode.

  • master node can output data now,thanks!