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A2B stack bring up on custom platform

Category: Software
Product Number: AD2428
Software Version: Sigma Studio 4.6 and a2bstack 19.10.0


I'm new to A2B. I'm trying to bring up A2B network on custom platform. I ported the a2bstack and application into custom platform. Also designed a2b network (AD2428 as master and AD2427 as slave node) using sigma studio and added bcf into custom platform. When I run the a2b application i'm getting the error "Master running interrupt not detected. Possible SYNC issues".  

Reset context done
System Init done
PAL Init done
BDD PAL Init done
Allocate Heap done
Master plugin load done
Slave plugins load done
Allocate Stack done
Triggering discovery...

Discovery failed!
Master running interrupt not detected. Possible SYNC issues.

How to debug the above mentioned issue. 

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