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How to disable loopback feature in a setting of A2B soundcard V2 with AD2410WBZ and AD2410WCZ?

Product Number: AD2410WBZ
Software Version: SigmaStudio 4.5

Hello ADI support team and community,

I have created a dspproj to using A2B soundcard V2 to connect a AD2410WBZ and AD2410WCZ, and successfull had 3 MEMs input from AD2410WCZ, 2 MEMs input & stereo analog input(TRS in) from AD2410WBZ, and able to play audio out of AD2410WBZ's stereo andlog output(TRS out).


The issue currently I have now is: the microphone input signals, no matter from which MEMs microphone or TRS in, are heard at the speaker (connected to the AD2410WBZ's TRS out). We don't want this to happen.

Can someone help us out?

I may send/attache the dspproj if necessary.

(shared in my google drive at

Thank you very much.


Added screenshot of the Schematic and the Google Drive link
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