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ADI Bus Analyzer SPDIF module

Category: Software

ADI Bus Analyzer SPDIF module. (1) A2B down stream 2lan TDM8, 16 slots in total When using SPDIF in, can you select any of the 16 slots of the down stream? Or all the channels? (2) A2B up 2lan TMD8, 16 slots in total If you use the SPDIF out module, can you select any one or two of the 16 slots for the SPDIF out output data?

  • Hi, 

    Analyzer UI provides an option to choose which of the audio signals has to be routed via SPDIF through a drop-down once they select SPDIF IN or OUT.
    the tool supports a max of 2 signals at a time. the transceiver could have TDM 2 or 8 or 16 or 32.
    The audio traffic displays the TDM channels consumed/added by the node emulated by A2BA. out of those many TDM channels,
    2 can be routed via SPDIF at a time.