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How to add sigmaDSP in a A2B structure

Category: Software
Product Number: AD2428WD1BZ
Software Version: A2B_Software-Rel19.3.1


I am a student new in this field. I hope someone can help me how to do on next step.

I'm working with an hardware setup composed by an EVAL-AD2428WD1BZ, which is used as A2B master node, and some EVAL-AD2428WC1BZ boards (be A2B slaves).

All I want to do is to build a microphone array to receive sound, and write beamforming programs with sigmaDSP.

I modified the A2B demo "adi_a2b_3NodeSampleDemoConfig.dspproj"  into my configuration, as follows:

(Just as someone asked before, who use SHARC Audio Module ADZS-SC589-MINI as A2B master node)

It works fine so far that it can be seen  8 signals received on master node.

Though, I can only hear the sound of two of the microphones on my headphones, due to the stereo output through 3.5mm jack.

And next, my questions is,

How to add sigmaDSP of adau1452 & adau1761 to  process the microphone signal, and then output processed signal from the 3.5mm jack of the EVAL-AD2428WD1BZ?

I really need someone can give me a complete explanation or teaching.

Sincere thanks.