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A2B superBCF question

Hi Guys:

        I encountered an expansion problem of ad2428.

        Because the requirements of conference room customers for this Subordinate Node are not necessarily fixed. For example, I may use two slave nodes, three slave nodes or four slave nodes. Then, if I use a BCF file, I don't think I can cover the application scenario. For example, if I use a BCF file with four slave nodes and use a two Subordinate Node, the system must be discover failed. Then I have to consider superbcf.Well, here I want to ask some questions. 

1、What does superBCF use to determine which particular BCF I should call? Each BCF has a different connection configuration and architecture.

2、At present, all our slave nodes are the same: 4 PDM MIC + AD2428, but with superBCF, there is always one slaver node missing. For example, my hardware is clearly connected to 4 Slavers, but there are only 3 slaver nodes. I suspect that an incorrect BCF was called (such as the three Slaver architectures I configured), since the node architectures are exactly the same, so locating the problem is a bit difficult. Because the superBCF config file is exported directly into the compilation.

3、What is the difference between Multi BCF and super BCF? We are now using super BCF to deal with this call problem. Can we use multi BCF or multi BCF can only be used by multiple 2428 hosts?

I believe that when designing this chip, ADI should strive to make a mechanism for the flexibility of application scenarios. If we can solve this flexibility problem, I believe it will be very helpful for the coverage of the application market. At present, cars are fixed with a BCF. This scenario is rarely used, but it is very necessary in the non automobile field.