how to build 64bit SC584 application a2bapp-linux?


See section 5.1.1 of document AE_09_A2B_Stack_Linux_UserGuide.pdf, The steps are as follows:

$ export PATH=$PATH:/opt/analog/cces-linux-add-in/X.Y.Z/ARM/arm-linux-gnueabi/bin

$cd /opt/analog/a2b-software/X.Y.Z/Target/examples/demo/a2b-linux/a2b-adsp-sc584-linux/Makefiles

$ make -f Makefile-SC584.linux

And using adi-linuxaddinforces-linux-x86-1.3.1. deb, I could only compile 32-bit executable file a2bapp-linux,

However, I want to compile a 64-bit executable file a2bapp-linux, how to do?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Sep 3, 2021 7:13 AM


    Please let us know few details regarding host PC and packages used which will be helpful for analysis.

    1.Please let us know Ubuntu version on host PC(Eg : Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit).

    2."facing issue with compiling executable(a2bapp-linux) file for 64bit, but able to compile executable file(a2bapp-linux) for 32bit.".
    >> This means we understand that when A2B package for 64 bit is installed(adi-a2b_software-linux-amd64-19.3.1.deb) building the application for SC584 application has some issues and when A2B package for 32 bit is installed(adi-a2b_software-linux-x86-19.3.1.deb) then building the application for SC584 application is done without any errors. Please let us know our understanding is correct.

    3.Please let us know errors that is observed when make command is executed(make -f Makefile-SC584.linux). Screenshot or log messages will be helpful for analysis