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I cutted the A2B cables and the reconnect it. So It is not working.

I am working on the application of RANC in automobiles.
The A2B cables currently used are daisy chained with one cable.
Because cars are heavy, cables may have to be cut and reconnected depending on the situation.
However, in my case before, when I cut the cable and then twisted the wires inside and reconnected it, the A2B system did not work properly.

If I cut the A2B cable and reconnect it, won't it work normally?
Or, is it possible that it was simply a different problem?

  • Hi Ryan,

    To reduce the cable length, ideally you should remove the connector on one side and crimp it back with the required length, why you need to cut the cable in-between? Any specific reason? How the lines reconnected back?

    Is BP -AP and BN-AN are connected properly?

    However if wires are still properly connected(BP-AP,BN-AN) , we expect the bus to work as expected. What is the interrupt type you are getting when the altered cable is connected?

  • Hello, RajaRajan.

    I really thank you for your answer.

    1. After cutting the cable with scissors, I twisted the two inner wires according to the color and connected them.
    I never thought of cutting the cable and crimping it back into the connector. I will work on that in the future.
    By the way, is it possible to connect by crimping to the connector without special tools? Or do I need a special tool to fit the connector?

    2. I am not using Slave Node(as I know...). The one I used is a Daisy-chain cable as shown in the attached picture. Therefore, it is considered that BP-AP and BN-AN are connected correctly.

    3. Sorry. I couldn't check the interrupt type. I will ask again when I have the relevant data.

    Again, thank you very much.

  • Hi Ryan,

    1. You may need a crimping based on the type of connector you are using.
    2. Is the system working as expected before you cut the cable? Is the same behavior observed on all the systems?
    3. Sure, That is will give us a clarity on what exactly happened.