How to get the config datas of AD2425 without hardware?


I have some problems while using AD2425.

1) I use sigmastudio to draw the schematic of AD2425, if I click Link Compile Download without hardware, I will get no data from capture window, so how can I config my system?

2) How can I reset the chip since there is no RST pin. Now I just stop the SYNC and BCLK for a while to do it.

3) Where can I get the chip datasheet, I can only use sigmastudio to capture the register config now, but I don't know what's the config datas meaning.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 26, 2021 9:58 AM

    Hi Foster,

    Sorry for the delay. Please find my comments below.

    1.You cannot Link Compile Download when the hardware is not connected. Link Compile Download option will try to complete I2C writes and reads to HW to complete the Discovery.

    Regarding "I will get no data from capture window, so how can I config my system?"

    Do you mean, you want to change the register settings of A2B to configure I2C,I2S/TDM,PDM? If yes, you can do it by opening the Device properties of Master and slave node blocks in the SigmaStudio. 

    2.Resetting AD242x transceivers:

    • In AD242x devices, there is no hardware reset available. But there is an internal power-on reset circuit monitoring the state of the VIN .If VIN drops below the VRSTN, internal reset is asserted to low to bring the transceiver back to RESET. If VIN goes below minimum Reset assertion threshold then chip will go into guaranteed Reset and it will come out of Reset when VIN rises above the max Reset de-assertion threshold. Refer to Datasheet of AD242x for VIN specifications. 
    • Alternatively, there is a soft reset available to reset the registers. Software can reset the protocol engine of the transceiver and return every register in the A2B node to their reset state (except the A2B_PLLCTL, A2B_CONTROL, and A2B_BMMCFG registers). A soft reset can be applied by writing A2B_CONTROL.SOFTRST = 1. When a soft reset is applied to the master node, the external MOS switch opens, resulting in the dropping of slave nodes in the A2B chain due to loss of PLL synchronization (SCF).
    • Although not a primary option, the master node transceiver can be reset by removing the SYNC signal . The slave transceiver can be reset by opening the switch of the upstream node which stops sending the SCF to the slave node. The signal goes to the PLL input of the transceiver; any break in transmission causes the PLL to unlock. When the PLL unlocks, the registers return to the RESET state (except the A2B_PLLCTL, A2B_CONTROL and A2B_BMMCFG registers).

    3.Data sheet for AD242x and Technical reference manual are available on Analog website. Posting the link for your reference



  • Hi Nirosha,

    Thanks for reply. I think I need to discribe my questions more clearly.

    1. I mean that when I draw a new schematic in sigmastudio, I must conncet hardware and click Link Compile Download , after this operation I can get the datas which need to be sent to chips from capture window. If I use my PCB rather than AD2410WDZ board, it will be a thoublesome step to connect hardware. So I wonder if there are some other ways to get the datas to init the chip.

    2. I only find the A2B CONTROL register, I don't know which is the SOFTRST bit in the register, what is same to my next question.

    3. I already have this data sheet before, but in this data sheet I can't get the details of all the registers, which means I don't know how many registers there are and what's the meaning of each bit in the registers.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 27, 2021 6:43 AM in reply to Foster

    Hi Foster,

    1. From SigmaStudio, you will be able to load the program only on to the A2B Eval boards which has USBi interface. If you have custom designed PCB, then the DSP/controller connected to A2B need to provide the SYNC,BCLK and should follow the Simple discovery sequence mentioned in the TRM. You have to use I2C interface of your DSP to program the A2B nodes.

    Simple Discovery flow is given in Page number 43 of AD242x_TRM_Rev1.1.pdf.

    Alternatively, you can export the configuration file from the SigmaStudio project which will give the sequence of I2C Writes to be followed to discover the A2B system.

    You can Export Bus configuration file (adi_a2b_busConfig.c) as explained in the section 4.1.1 of AE_09_A2B_SigmaStudio_UserGuide.pdf.

    You can locate SigmaStudio user guide in your A2B software installation path "C:\Analog Devices\ADI_A2B_Software-Rel19.x.0\Docs".

    2,3. Register Descriptions are given on Page 105, Chapter 7 "AD2428 register descriptions"