AD2428W master mic system

Hi Guys:

      there are meeting room mic system.

      my customer wanna build a system,They don't distinguish between the host and the slave. They just need to configure the software. Is this hardware feasible? 

      At present, we can't choose the PDM MIC input of ad2428w host. I think the framework is gray and can't be selected?



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    on Apr 9, 2021 2:46 PM

    Hi Terry,

    The AD2428W DRX0/IO5 and DRX1/IO6 pins are multiplexed to support either I2S/TDM receive functionality (default) or PDM input (PDM0 and PDM1, respectively). Ensure that PDM functionality is enabled by right clicking on the DRX0/DRX1 tabs and changing to PDM0/PDM1 as given in the image.

    Also please make sure that the Checkbox is enabled on the PDM0/1 pins and the connection link is provided to the PDM pins from the required source as given in below image.

    Once above are met, please link and compile so that this changes will effect on the project.

    Please note that when you drag the Source block from the Tree Toolbox to use, by default the source block will be ready to connect with Slave nodes. To change the source blocks to connect with Master node, you need to choose the "Swap Tx pin position" option which will be popped up by right clicking on the Source block. I Hope the below image will help here.

    The PDM block is configured using the PDM control ( A2B_PDMCTL ) register:
    • When A2B_PDMCTL.PDM0EN = 1, the DRX0/IO5 pin is enabled to receive PDM data, and the BCLK pin
    is an output, typically producing a 3.072 MHz clock for the TDM2 setting. In this mode, the DRX0/IO5 pin
    data is not passed to the I2S/TDM port. Similarly, the A2B_PDMCTL.PDM1EN bit controls PDM data reception on the DRX1/IO6 pin.
    • The A2B_PDMCTL.PDMxSLOTS bits select whether the PDM signals on the DRX pins use one (mono) or
    two (stereo) channels

    In sigmastudio, any I2C device connected directly to the target processor or to an A2B node in the network can be accessed using the direct I2C programming feature. So I would suggest you to refer the section "Direct I2C Programming Tab" for directly program the A2B node registers in the A2B Sigmastudio User Guide from the A2B Software package installation path.

    Please let me know if you still need any information on this.



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