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Here We Bought 2 ADZS2428MINI Board Without I/F Board And DSP System Board. What We Would Have Planning For This Is To Use Another MCU Control Board As Master. This Didn't Go Smooth.When We Tried To Wire Out The I2C With Our Control Board We Found I2C Was Not Alive At All After Applying Oscilloscope To Measure. Looks Like ADZS2428MINI Requires To Be Boot From External I2C EEPROM / Host When We Downloaded The Schematic To Check. But That's Not Reasonable For Some Cases Which Are Not Designed With External I2C EEPROM Due To The Cost Problem. The Problem We Find Is I2C Required To Be Enabled By Byte 5 / BIT 0 Otherwise The ADAZ-2428MINI Cannot Work. The Real Problem Is That Once I2C Should Be Enable By Byte 5 / BIT 0 Bit Value Setup Through External I2C EEPROM How Can We Drive EEPROM Through I2C Bus. 

What We Bought

We Tried To Wire Out The I2C In Connection With Our Microcontroller EVK For Initialization But I2C Didn't Work At All. Then We Checked The User Manual Found Following Companion Board:

We Don't Know Why Exactly And The Root Cause That Make I2C Not Work. It Is Not Reasonable Even We Don't Have The ADZS-EZKIT-SOM And DSP Board The I2C Interface Should Work.


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